Revolution Transportation freight services are extensive.

We offer freight shipping services to suit all of your transportation needs. Just contact us for a quote.

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RT provides a huge network of proven, reliable flatbed carriers.  All of our flatbeds are equipped with air ride and tarps to keep your product safe during transit.  We contract flatbeds throughout the US, Canada and Mexico to handle all of your open deck transportation needs.


Is your load too tall for a standard flatbed?  We have solutions that can accommodate all of your needs.  We have stepdecks and low profile stepdecks in our network, as well as stepdecks with ramps for your ground loading needs.


For your tallest and heaviest shipments we can provide double drops and RGNs that can legally handle items as tall as 12’ without requiring permits.  For your drive on drive off needs we have an extensive network of RGN carriers with ground loading capability?  Oversized machinery and equipment is no problem with these trailers.  We can provide multi axle RGNs to handle as much weight as you can think of.  And if the trailer to service the project doesn’t exist, one of our contracted specialized haulers will build one.  


We have extendable or stretch trailers available in flatbed, stepdeck and RGN configurations to handle any of your longest shipments with ease.  


We provide 53’ air ride enclosed trailers as well as shorter trailers for your limited access pick up and delivery needs.  We provide strapping and pad wrapping when required for product safety, as well as liftgate and pallet jack services for those moments when you or your clients don’t have the right equipment to load and unload.  


 We can keep your cargo at a consistent temperature using state of the art refrigerated cargo trailers.  Whether your product needs to stay cold, or keep from freezing these trailers are top of the line and you can rest assured that your product won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures.  



Do you have a shipment that doesn’t require air ride or a full truck and you want to save some money?  We provide hot shot services throughout the continental US.  


We provide short semitrailer, usually between 26’ and 32’ long, with 

a single axle.


If you need a single trailer or container that encounters multiple forms of transportation along its route, such as truck/ship or truck/rail, we've got it!


Need to move a piece of equipment that’s extremely tall and has wheels?  We have beam trailers available that can bring down the height of your equipment to avoid costly escort and permit costs.  Available in standard and multi axle configurations for your heaviest and tallest loads.


We provide power only/tow away services using 2, 3 and 4 axle tractors, as well as 1 ton power only for your smaller and lighter tow aways like travel trailers or boats.  


Revolutions network extends overseas and across oceans.  We can provide you with barge services to Alaska and Hawaii.  We also have international air and ocean freight services if you need to send your cargo overseas or bring something to the US from an overseas manufacturer or seller.  We can provide door to door service for all of your international transportation needs.



We are a registered government contractor with numerous successful projects completed.  We are also a designated small business and member of the SBA.  We have a SAM registration and a CAGE code.  We can help government contracting officers as well as prime contractors fulfill their small business government contracting goals.  For more information on how we can help you with your government contracting needs please contact us at 541-879-1201.